Transaction Advisory Service

Transaction Advisory involves working with high-stake business transactions and requires a certain level of experience and rationality. Businesses face opportunities and risks daily, and the ability to act at the right time can be the deciding factor towards determining its success or failure.

At Affility, our qualified team of advisors can help you navigate through your domestic and international transactions with ease and confidence. Whether you are an investor or a target company, you can be assured that we will perform the required due diligence to bring you a clear perspective of the transaction.

Businesses today have to face multiple complexities and unknowns. To add to that, the business landscape itself is ever-evolving, with the adoption of agile practices and new-age technology. In such a scenario, the long-term success of any business entity is grossly dependent on its future profits and associated risks. For a business entity to be able to attain its potential and unlock its desired valuation denomination, it needs to incorporate specialized financial modeling and forecasting tools and techniques. We at Affility offer business valuation services that are based on extracted historic information and forecasting models that mirror future outcomes. We help business owners to understand future financial projections based on analytical data helping them with a reasonable expectation of their business’s fair value.

Our expertise in business valuation offer assurances and advice to adopt appropriate methodologies that allow our clients reach accurate, reliable estimates of their fair market value both presently and in the future.

We provide:

  1.   Business valuation services based on specialized analytics
  2.   In-depth analysis of financial modeling and forecasting
  3.   Advisory services to allow clients to reach accurate and reliable fair value estimates
  4.   An experienced team of experts that offers adequate mirroring of future financial projections amid all variables

During a merger or takeover, a comprehensive analysis of the financial outlook of a business is of utmost importance, but the financial statements and records of a company may not always depict the complete picture. At Affility, we assist our clients by helping them review their target company’s offering through the detailed due diligence of its financial information, to identify any potential red flags that could affect the deal.

Our experts in core finance deep-dive into and consider the current financials as well as its future projections. In addition to the strengths of the target company, we also aim to identify any risks and place the acquirer in a stronger position during sales negotiations. With our Financial Due Diligence services, we help our clients understand the futuristic financial position of the target.

Our experts at Affility can help you by:

  •   Providing a detailed assessment of the financial statement of accounts
  •   Identifying future potential earning capabilities
  •   Recognizing any undisclosed risks
  •   Gathering independent opinions from industry experts who understand the intricacies involved in financial due diligence
  •   Giving you the liberty to plan the transaction while we handle the financial due diligence

There are numerous factors to be taken into consideration when a company needs to raise capital, which may seem daunting to some. At Affility, we provide thought leadership on corporate finance matters and help our clients raise capital in the most innovative and optimal manner. Our team includes professionals from various sectors, product and service experts who serve our clients on a broad array of topics.

As your advisor, we aim to:

  •   Assist in the restructuring of your financial assets and liabilities
  •   Advice on the optimum corporate financing structure
  •   Assist in the formulation and vetting of offering materials
  •   Support you in negotiations to obtain commitments on beneficial terms
  •   Oversee the subsequent phases of the process to assure a timely closure

We have a track record in recommending the best solutions for our clients, and that is why we can be your trusted partner through your corporate journey.

Formulating a thorough business plan and pitch deck is a core component to ensure that you obtain the buy-in of your stakeholder.

Here are some areas Affility can help you with:

  •   Identifying the problem or opportunity
  •   Persuading stakeholders why you have/are the ideal option
  •   Describing your Business Model
  •   Addressing the competition and highlighting your competitive advantage over them
  •   Discussing your funding requirements
  •   Showcasing your exit strategy
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures are important events that can take your enterprise to the next level of organic growth. It starts with identifying your requirements for a creative M&A strategy and ends with the successful completion of the transaction. At each step during the process, decisions that could impact the future of the transaction are taken. Looking at all the options, identifying the risks, and anticipating what each decision holds in the future of the enterprise are key factors which a business owner should bear in mind during the M&A transaction. Affility provides expert advice and consulting to closely held business owners with goals of buying or selling a business. Our Consultants can assist Business Owners in laying out your options, identifying the risks & rewards and advising you on the anticipated results in future for every decision you take during a M&A transaction. We are capable of providing Sell-side and Buy-side advisory services as below

Sell-side M&A Advisory

We are well-positioned to represent sellers and manage confidential auction processes from start to finish. Our sell-side advisory services include:

  •   Valuation analysis of the business
  •   Development of an Investment Teaser
  •   Preparation of a Confidential Information Memorandum
  •   Identification of buyer prospects
  •   Assistance in structuring the transaction
  •   Negotiations of the initial letter of intent and the final purchase agreement

Buy-side M&A Advisory

We also provide one-off and retainer-based buy-side advisory services to businesses that seek to grow by way of strategic acquisitions. Our buy-side services include:  

  • Research and identification of acquisition targets
  • Assistance in valuing acquisition candidates
  • Assistance in structuring the transaction
  • Negotiation of the initial offer and final purchase agreement
  • Advice on issues throughout the transaction until closing

Exit Planning is the process of laying the groundwork for an entrepreneur to exit from his company with maximum enterprise value. Although this is a vital part of a transaction, some organizations fail to create an Exit Plan and have to deal with its repercussions.

At Affility, we work with you to enhance business value through operational improvements before disposal to present the business ready for sale.