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Are you facing (or better yet, foreseeing) any of these issues in your business?


Distressed economic conditions


Misalignment between your corporate goals and strategies

Excessive debt and/or poor credit ratings

A shift in market conditions towards reducing demand for your product/service


Reporting errors leading to poor decision-making


Finding difficulty in negotiating deals with investors

If yes, then it is time to take a fresh look at the internal landscape of your business and we are here to help.

How can Affility Consulting help you?

How can Affility Consulting help you?

Affility’s professional Business Restructuring services can help you navigate through the above obstacles with ease and ultimately set up a framework that supports business continuity.

In the current and predicted future of the business environment, Business Restructuring is beginning and will continue to play an integral role in organizational landscapes. The high levels of disruptions caused by nature, science, and technology demand for firms to be ready to transform the way they work to adapt to the volatile conditions that may prevail, where the focus needs to remain on their strengths and core competencies.

Business Restructuring should be a proactive initiative and should reoccur after a set period to review current business performance and make any adjustments based on future predictions.

Our Business Restructuring services cover all areas of corporate insolvency, business and corporate restructuring, business bankruptcy, turnaround management, and debt agreements. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur, manage a large-scale corporation, or a creditor looking to reduce your financial risks, our team at Affility can help you.

The following are some areas in which Business Restructuring can be applied:

Financial restructuring:

  • Debt management
  • Credit management
  • Cash-flow management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Investment opportunities

Organizational restructuring

  • Business reviews
  • Resource allocation and utilization
  • Divestment
  • Employee management
  • Crisis management
  • Training programs
  • Change management
  • Transition and exit

Business Restructuring services are called upon when a firm wants to overhaul its business, set up streamlined frameworks for its departments, ensure smooth cross-communication between silos, conduct correlated training programs, and carry out a complete reorganization in terms of the legal, operational, financial, and reporting aspects of the business. Business Restructuring can also include a change of ownership, a demerger or a reaction to a crisis, or major changes within the business such as bankruptcy, repositioning, or buyout. The ultimate goal is to ensure that a company has sufficient liquidity to operate amid the execution of a restructuring process.

At Affility, we can help you by:

  • Conducting independent assessments of your processes (current state and future state)
  • Recommending suitable alternatives using trusted analysis tools
  • Planning for risks and contingencies
  • Simplifying your processes to reduce complexities and costs
  • Ensuring that all legislative requirements are met

Our team at Affility provides comprehensive financial and organizational restructuring services and guidance to businesses who may be struggling financially as well as those who want to avoid getting into such positions.

Our consultants come with vast expertise in performing restructurings for complex multi-stakeholder and multi-regional firms across many industries. We aim to identify and solve key risks and issues and help our clients implement sustainable restructuring plans. We believe in driving our restructuring engagements with utmost transparency to ensure ethical business practices. Our client base ranges from major financial institutions to medium-sized corporations and startups.

Here are some of our key tips to ensure a successful Business Restructuring initiative:

  • Review your corporate strategy and business model proactively and not reactively
  • Try to reduce complexity in your processes – not the other way around
  • Be realistic in setting targets and measurement parameters
  • Plan for uncertainty but allow room to accommodate unforeseen circumstances
  • Get advice from the right people
  • Don’t compromise the quality of work for lower-priced services
  • Maintain continuous Business Restructuring practices and don’t consider it as a one-off event

The cost of implementing Business Restructuring programs across an organization is generally a deterrent for some companies, but it is important to note that investors generally consider this a positive development as this increases the level of confidence in the firm’s ability to become profitable after a successful restructuring exercise.

Why Affility? Our expert consultants will:

  • Help you understand your key business drivers
  • Identify project engagement and delivery risks
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Stick to our delivery and budgetary commitments
  • Provide on-the-job training and support as a part of our engagement
  • Create a strong pitch and help with stakeholder management, wherever required

We have devoted a great deal of time and effort to develop a reputation as a leader in a range of business restructuring services. We are dedicated to providing professional, friendly, and honest advice designed to help you find the solutions that suit you.

The expert teams at Affility will do everything in their power to ensure your restructuring is carried out smoothly and efficiently. Our value proposition lies in our technical knowledge, understanding our clients’ requirements precisely, and exceeding the expectations of their needs and satisfaction levels.