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Internal Audit

With multiple standards, policies, and metrics along with an evolving business process landscape, the need for Internal Audit is today almost sacrosanct.

Furthermore, it is getting increasingly difficult for organizations to manage their auditing processes internally. We at Affility offer internal audit services that help our clients escalate their audit capabilities to the next level. Our risk-based audit approach is based on our core philosophy of generating value to the organization from every Internal Audit engagement.

We also help to set up a cost-effective internal audit function with guidance from our experts in the relevant industry. Each internal audit engagement covers the entire spectrum of processes offering a holistic view across multiple departments including Operations, Finance, IT and Human Resources.

At Affility, we provide:

  • Specialized Internal Audit services to help streamline Internal Auditing for our clients.
  • Advisory services for setting up a cost-effective Internal Audit Function.
  • Internal Audit insights focusing on all high impact channels.
  • Risk-based audit approach to generate quantifiable value and tangible outcomes for our clients.

Value Assessment Review (VAR) of Internal Audit Function

Auditing is an ever-evolving process and not just a one-off supervisory role. It is, hence, paramount for organizations to have a periodic assessment of their internal audit function. With internal auditing teams focusing on processes and controls, it can often lead to certain sluggishness allowing discrepancies to creep in.

With our Value Assessment Review (VAR) of Internal Audit Function, we extend our internal audit function for business owners and internal audit teams ensuring all stakeholders including the certifying agents are working as intended.

Value Assessment Review (VAR) of Internal Audit Function allows our clients to address risks with an early warning sign to allow for effective re-alignment. An efficient review of the internal audit department’s functioning ensures internal audit controls and processes are working as desired at all times.

At Affility, we are:

  • Offering an independent assessment review of in-house internal audit departments.
  • Our experienced auditors assess the functioning of internal audit departments across all business structures and models.
  • VAR offers an optimization advantage for all internal audit controls and processes.