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Are you sure that your firm’s business processes are aligned to the industry standards? Are you confident that appropriate internal controls and quality reviews are imbibed in your business processes? Do you have appropriate procedures documented and periodically reviewed to support your claim?

An SOP defies the boundaries and the steps to every business process, identifying the controls to be exercised and gives you the peace of mind in terms of responsibility and accountability for each business process.

At Affility, our consultants come with decades of experience developing SOP’s for various industries. We begin by looking at your existing processes to make sure they comply with industry best practices. From there, we can develop new SOP’s for you or revise existing ones. Our professional commitment doesn’t stop there. We ensure the procedures defined in the SOP’s are properly communicated to stakeholders through our customized training programs. In certain engagements, based on customer requests, we go a step further to ensure the SOPs are complied by conducting monthly reviews for a short term – mostly 3 months’ post SOP implementation.