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Setting up a concrete Corporate Finance framework can enable decision-makers to make important financial decisions without the need for elementary deliberation. When an organization’s senior leaders have a strong sense of financial direction, it becomes easier for them to resist the misconceptions that the established rules of economics may no longer apply to their company.

There are various activities involved in Corporate Finance, some of which are:
  •   De-mergers and takeovers of public companies
  •   Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of private companies
  •   Private equity buyouts or buy-ins of companies, divisions, or subsidiaries
  •   Restructuring corporate debt or debt funds
  •   Equity issuance by companies
  •   Listing of companies on a recognized stock exchange
  •   Raising capital via equity, debt, or both
  •   Raising seed, start-up, development, or expansion capital
  •   Raising capital for specialist corporate investment funds
  •   Funding joint ventures
  •   Soliciting infrastructure finance
  •   Public-private partnerships
  •   Secondary equity issuance

At Affility, we can help you analyze each of the above elements and build a corporate finance framework to suit your needs.

Overall, our Corporate Finance services provide investors and other companies with unprejudiced advice to create value through their financial transactions and investments. We offer true liberation and objectivity of opinion without any bias or conflicts of interest. With our client-centric approach, we offer deep industry knowledge and strategic thinking along with relevant and fresh market insights. Our clients benefit from the broad knowledge base and extensive experience of our team of prominent consultants. Together with our experts, we bring strategic, technical, financial, and operational advice to your doorstep.

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