Outsourcing of Internal Audit – A Beneficial Option for Hospitality

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Outsourcing of Internal Audit, as an alternative, has not been reviewed seriously by the business enterprises due to various facts over the past decades. Ever since the inception of this activity, it was felt that it needs to be kept as close to the business organization as possible to achieve success. However, a detailed understanding of each of the deciding factors for Internal Audit structuring on a more beneficial line of thought is brought into review and light for the readers perspective re-alignment.
The term implies the maximum coverage of all potential risks and controls in the organization. a. Our research and audit activity conducted in various organizations has revealed that repeated audit by the same team tends to override the relevance provided to specific areas which is not in line with the development of risk, control lapses, and fraud attempts

Sujith Kumar Velayudhan

Director- Risk Consulting


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