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About us

With business landscapes rapidly changing, the future is full of surprises which demand strategic realignment of priorities; be it performance improvement, risk mitigation, innovation, or better management of resources and technologies. Hence, the need of a Business Advisory Partner for strategic planning and handholding for sustainable growth is very vital. Affility is a Comprehensive Advisory Services Firm assisting clients locally & globally with IT, Risk and Management Consulting Solutions. Established in the year 2017 by a group of likeminded professionals from various sectors of the consulting practice, Affility has more than 60 man-years of consulting experience to its credit through its qualified and experienced professionals. At Affility, we look at every Advisory need with utmost diligence focusing on the solution from a “Third – Man’s” perspective. This unique way of approach lets us think “out of the box” and clearly define our work process in every engagement we undertake. We provide tailored recommendations for better decision making, performance improvement strategies, financial transformation, risk management and sustainable growth.


Affility strives to deliver holistic solutions by achieving and maintaining client satisfaction through professional integrity and mutual trust by conforming to industry’s best practices while practicing continuous process and professional development.


Our Vision is to be renowned as Consultants with a Unique and Customized “Out of the Box” approach for every business requirement and to spread our expertise in other fields of consulting too.

Why Affilty?

Every Affility Engagement incorporates:

Strategy 0
Implementation 0
Value Addition 0