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Affility is a comprehensive advisory service firm that assists clients locally and globally with IT, risk and management consulting solutions. Affility was established in 2017 by a group of like-minded professionals with over 60 man-years of consulting experience across various sectors. Our qualified and experienced team is standing by and ready to work with you.

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How Our Years of Experience Can Help You

We bridge the gap between value-focused technology, risk and advisory services. By fusing these services under one roof, Affility is able to cater to all sizes of businesses making us unique in the Gulf region. With a team of FinTech experts at our disposal, we assist you in achieving all your project objectives – be it financial, operational or technological.


We focus on intelligent risk prediction and lessening the impact of the risk. This strategy can help strengthen your organization’s risk culture, while also improving its regulatory compliance and reducing any potential business losses.


Your people and your processes need to be aligned with your technology. Our holistic approach ensures that you’re making the most of all available technological solutions in order to enhance your business and reap maximum benefits.


Our qualified, trained, and experienced team can provide an objective view of your business to prioritize your objectives and set your strategic roadmap. Our team ensures your business goals are met, be it change management, re-engineering your processes, or adopting new ones.

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What We Do

Independent ERP Advisory

Affility’s team of Independent ERP advisors helps you mitigate risk by working with you to ensure the right software is selected to optimize your processes and successfully transition your business to its new way of working.

IT Project Advisory

Our IT Project Advisory team understands that successful partnerships with our clients depend on our ability to advise each IT project from our client’s perspective and to consistently deliver beyond expectations.

IT Audit

We at Affility help our clients stay one step ahead of technological vulnerabilities by offering effective IT audit services that aim to prevent IT-related incidents.

Internal Audit

Affility help clients meet emerging risks head-on, all while restructuring and simplifying business processes and reinforcing internal controls.

Value Assessment Review (VAR)

We extend our Internal Audit function for business owners to assure that their in-house internal audit function is operating as intended.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

We will provide your organization with proven operational risk management, following best practices and regulatory standards for governance, risk, and compliance.

Feasibility Study

Our Feasibility Study Consultants follow a thorough process to perform a comprehensive analysis as per your needs.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development

We offer SOP Development services through our team of experienced in-house consultants who have decades of experience developing SOPs for various industries.

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

We have a successful track record in helping our clients achieve both qualitative and quantifiable benefits through BPR.

Business Restructuring

We can help you navigate through the above obstacles with ease and ultimately set up a framework that supports business continuity.

Corporate Finance

Setting up a concrete Corporate Finance framework can enable decision-makers to make important financial decisions without the need for elementary deliberation.

Transaction Advisory Service (TAS)

Our qualified team of advisors can help you navigate through your domestic and international transactions with ease and confidence.

Independent ERP Advisory

Affility’s team of Independent ERP advisors helps you mitigate risk by working with you to ensure the right software is selected to optimize your processes and successfully transition your business to its new way of working. Before and during the selection process, we look for enterprise resource planning solutions that can automate processes and give your business a competitive advantage. We help you set realistic expectations throughout selection and implementation, so your project stays on budget and on time and leads to the business benefits you expect.

Implementing ERP solutions can be tricky. Affility’s ERP advisors understand that it’s never fun to be surprised with resource constraints or unexpected activities. We know all the project activities necessary for ERP success. Contact us today and see how our Independent ERP Advisory services can help you achieve your organizational goals.

Our Clientele

At Affility, we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships based on our perceptive understanding of our clients, their policies, their strategies, and their ideas. Here are some of the companies Affility has empowered to forge ahead with confidence:

Client Testimonials

Our clients make us great, and the best way to learn about us is by hearing from them. See what our clients have to say about working with Affility Consulting:

Uncover Unlimited Potential

At Affility, we work to confront the status quo, not just for the sake of the challenge but to make our clients’ businesses better and stronger. It is crucial that an organization does not fall into the trap of assuming that what worked, and was successful in the past, will be productive or effective in the future. We ask the questions: Why not? What if? For what purpose? To what end? Questions that help navigate and compel clients to think differently about concerns, setbacks, or processes. We seek to innovate, so together with our clients, we can create new industry norms.

Affility is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are always on the lookout for professional consultants who will be a great value addition to our team and share the same passion and vision as us.



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